Creative Labs MuVO V100 1GB White Mp3 Player

Storage Size: 1 GB
Height: 2.91"
Width: 1.42"
Depth: 0.59"

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My Music. My Style. On The Move
Creative Labs - MuVO V100 - 1GB MP3 Player - White
Listen to music on the go - the Creative MuVo V100 offers the ultimate convenience from its 2-piece integrated USB flash drive design. It is the ideal player that supports both MP3 and WMA formats, perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and performance in a compact design. And to chase the blues far away, sing along with your favorite artistes with the lyrics display support.

Personalize Your Music
Plug your MuVo into the computer USB port and simply drag and drop your music or files directly into your MuVo - no cables needed!The high-resolution backlit LCD display allows you to see what's playing - easily find your special song! If you like extra bass with your music, use the 5-band equalizer settings to adjust the intensity level. Plus, choose how you want to listen to your music! Scroll through the playback options and select shuffle playback or play your music in the order you like it.

Take it Everywhere
If you're having a party or enjoying time alone, listen to your music library by connecting your MuVo to your home stereo system. When you're out on the road, carry your files to and from meetings or classes. This tiny, portable device requires no cables and allows you to directly connect to a PC. With a replaceable AAA battery and skip free playback enjoy your music everywhere you go.

Capture Your Thoughts
The built-in microphone records 125 hours of high quality voice recording. It's perfect for capturing ideas and saving quick reminders anytime - anywhere. Plus, record lectures, transfer them onto your laptop and slow down the voice for more detailed note taking.

DJ Your Ride
Take your tunes on the road during those long commutes or spontaneous roadtrips. MuVo connects wirelessly to your car stereo using a Belkin FM Transmitter. Never cut your musical journey short!

The Journey Never Ends...
When heading off to a fun day at the beach, simply fill your MuVo with your favorite music. Don't forget to grab your Creative TravelDock 900! The easy connection with your MuVo lets everyone join the party.

Small player. Big storage.
Available in two sizes - The 2GB and 1GB models store up to 1,000 songs and 500 songs respectively. Enjoy round-the-clock music.

Drag and Drop
The MuVo V100 supports 'drag and drop' selection of data or music when connected to the PC via USB. Transfers have never been easier.

Long Stamina
Listen up to 18 hours of continuous music playback from a single standard AAA battery. It's the right companion for long road trips.

Voice Recording
The built-in microphone takes great recordings during seminars and meeting and even voice memos of your shopping list.

My Own Music Style
The customizable 5-band equalizer includes 4 playback presets (Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Classical) to make your music sound the way you want.

Plus Much More!
- Ingenious 2-piece design
Slide the player apart and plug the USB flash drive into your PC. The MuVo V100 will be recognized as a removable drive so you can easily load your music inside for your next trip.
- Flip The Screen
The reversible blue-backlit LCD makes it suitable for viewing in either direction - perfect for left or right-handed users
- My Playlists To Go
Take your favorite tunes anywhere. Enable the favorite mode and only the tracks in the favorite mode folder are played.
- Audible Playback Support
With AudibleManager, download, burn, organize, transfer and listen to Audible audio content on your player
- Listen Ssafely
With the volume restriction option; protect your hearing by restricting your player's maximum playback volume.

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