Alienware Laptop Aurora mALX Computer

Processor: AMD Turion 64 Processors
Memory: 400Mhz DDR Memory
Storage: Up to 500GB of Storage
Optical Drives: Dual Layer Blu-Ray/DVDR/W/CD-RW Burner
Screen: 19" Wide Screen WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050
Graphics: NVIDIA SLI Dual 7950GTX
Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Height: 1.38"
Width: 18.74"
Depth: 13.46"
Weight: 15.00 lb

Maximize Your Vista Experience
Want to get the most out of Windows Vista Alienware can help. Since Vista is the first Windows operating system that can scale to a computer's hardware capabilities, how much you get out of Vista is directly linked to how much technological force is packed into your PC. No problem. The latest graphics, processors, hard drives and memory are a given on any new Alienware system. So, while your neighbor with the conventional PC is marveling over the updated version of "Solitaire", you'll be busy enjoying essential Vista features like DirectX 10, Aero, and Instant Search in their full glory on your new Alienware.

Color-Shifting On The Go
Adding a product touch that will undoubtedly make it stand out in a crowd, the Aurora mALX also features exotically stylish, airbrushed custom paint artwork that boldly implies power and strength, while shifting color through light refraction.

Take A Closer Look
Is that Kevlar armor under his fatigues? The Aurora mALX uses dual graphics cards and SLI technology that assigns each card half your screen so your characters and world render with twice as much power. With dual 256MB GeForce Go 7950 GTX animation and rendering are so detailed you can quickly assess whether to run in with guns blazing or sight in for the headshot.

Power That Never Stops
When there is no end to the fluctuations in your stock portfolio or waves of enemies, the only thing you should be worried about is how fast you move your fingers. The 64-bit AMD Turion processor has power to run the most demanding games and HyperTransport technology to seamlessly switch between your business applications. Now you can last as long as your ammo reserves.

See What's Coming Next
Whether you are tracking this year's sales or tonight's first kill, you will have no problem hunting down what you need. With Aurora's 19" widescreen display, you can pull up multiple financial projection windows or measure the size of your opponent´┐Żs pupils before you lay down the heavy fire.

Your Executive Team
With the ALX team behind you there are always fellow gamers at your disposal. The exclusive mALX sales reps will mold your vision of the perfect gaming machine into reality. The specialized team can help you decide which components to choose and optimize the system settings to run your most taxing games. After building the dream machine with your sales rep, keep on top of the creation process with up-to-the-minute e-mails and text message alerts letting you know how far along your system is in its build.

500GB Hard Drive Capacity
Other 19" desktop replacement notebooks cap out at 100GB. The Aurora mALX desktop replacement busts through this barrier with dual HD's with 500GB capacities.

Store More
Music: 120,000 songs*
Movies: 125 movies*
Games: 84 games*
*Average file size: 4MB per Song, 4GB per Movie, 6GB per Game

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