Alienware Desktop aurora ALX Computer

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0GHz, 2000MHz FSB, 2 x 1024KB full-speed level 2 Cache
Memory: Standard 2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz Up to 4GB of system memory
Storage: Capacity: Starting at 160GB up to 1TB per Drive (4 Drives Maximum)
Optical Drives: Standard 20x Dual Layer DVDR/W Drive
Graphics: Standard Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX SLI
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate
Height: 18.98"
Width: 9.96"
Depth: 25.00"

Dual-Zone Liquid Cooling
By traditional contrast, Alienware's Dual-Zone liquid cooling system is designed with dual independent self-contained liquid cooling systems, one that targets the CPU and a second that targets its dual graphics. The result is optimized heat load distribution between a system�s CPU and dual graphics, leading to a more efficient, effective, and higher performing system- with immense Overclocking potential. In addition to providing dual cooling solutions for the highest heat generating system peripherals, Alienware�s Dual-Zone liquid cooling system is able to bring liquid down below room temperature to a cool temperature before returning it to its full cooling path.

Maximize Your Vista Experience
Want to get the most out of Windows Vista Alienware can help. Since Vista is the first Windows operating system that can scale to a computer's hardware capabilities, how much you get out of Vista is directly linked to how much technological force is packed into your PC. No problem. The latest graphics, processors, hard drives and memory are a given on any new Alienware system. So, while your neighbor with the conventional PC is marveling over the updated version of "Solitaire", you'll be busy enjoying essential Vista features like DirectX 10, Aero, and Instant Search in their full glory on your new Alienware.

Double Barreled Firepower
The AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000 dual core processor supercharges your system with the new AM2 DDR2 memory technology. This double barreled combo comes equipped to the gills with these other AMD features:

Integrated memory controller.
HyperTransport� technology.
Enhanced Virus Protection.
Cool'n'Quiet technology.

Double Barreled Graphics
The new NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX with SLi dual GPU technology is, simply put, unstoppable. The NVIDIA 8800 GTX carries 768 MB of GDDR3 memory, for a total of 1.5 GB of dedicated GPU memory, and is the world's first Direct X 10-compliant video card as well as HDCP ready. With this kind of dual GPU firepower at your disposal, you better start planning the post-victory smack talk now.

More than ever before
Cram all your digital pictures, movies, games, and music, into the massive hard drives on the Area-51 and still have room to spare. With up to 4 terabytes of storage you'll never have to worry about storage space.

Life in the fast lane
Alienware's Aurora ALX is equipped with the latest DDR2 memory that lets you do more quickly. Blaze through those annoying loading screens and get more of what you want, now.

Blu-ray Disc Technology
The Blu-ray Disc format offers the highest capacity of any consumer media format to date, also greatly surpassing the capacity of other media formats. Blu-ray Disc gives you the maximum storage capability of 50GB on one dual layer disc, almost 10x the standard storage capabilities of a DVD. Blu-ray Disc's huge capacity allows not only for the highest quality High Definition video to be displayed, but allows you back up your large media libraries on one disc.

Show your True Colors
Need a calming glow to foster your creative side or a burning intensity to match the determination needed to get you to the next level Change the lighting colors in six different areas of the chassis to match your mood with AlienFX.

Space to Flex your Silicon Muscles
The Alienware P2 chassis gives you some breathing room with extra slots, inputs and space that allow you to upgrade even our most robust desktops. We give you room to grow even if you don't need it.

Instant access
No need to rummage through drawers or boxes in the garage anymore. You can crack the case and install your upgrades in no time flat with tool-less entry on Alienware's new chassis. Now it's ok to retire the pocketknife and twist ties that make up your toolbox.

Chrome - the new black
Whether you pick Space Black, Saucer Silver, Cyborg Green, or Conspiracy Blue, Alienware�s ALX P2 chassis are sure to stand out from all the boring dull computers. All ALX P2 chassis are backed with chrome chassis accents and come standard with Alienware Liquid Cooling.

No more Flying Blind
Tired of feeling your way to a port to plug in your game pad? The Alienware P2 chassis has lighting mods that strategically light I/O ports, optical drives, and power buttons while making your desktop more captivating than a rave, without the repetitive house music.

The best of the best
Alienware knows that an ALX customer demands nothing but the best, which is why its ALX systems come standard with all the top PC essentials. ALX customers are also backed by Alienware's award winning 24/7 ALX professional technical support team, so you'll never be left in the dark.

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