Alienware Desktop Area 51 ALX SLI Computer

Processor: Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor (45nm Penryn) with Quad Core Technology
Memory: 2GB Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz
Storage: 160GB up to 1TB per Drive (4 Drives Maximum)
Optical Drives: 20x Dual Layer DVDR/W Drive
Screen: none
Graphics: Dual NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX SLI
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate
Height: 18.98"
Width: 9.96"
Depth: 25.00"

Let Alienware Push Your System to the Limit
The Area-51 ALX system is now available with the quad core Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 overclocked from 3.0GHz to 3.33GHz core clock speed! Alienware factory overclocking increases your processor�s overall speed and performance. Alienware assures that all its overclocked systems still meet Alienware�s strict quality and performance guidelines before leaving the factory. Alienware factory overclocking does not void your system warranty.

Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition
4 times the speed, 4 times the power, 4 times the ass whipping...

Thought dual core was impressive Experience the power of Quad Core processing with the new Core 2 Extreme, the latest in ass-kicking technology, only from Intel. Four processing cores on a single die slaughter your application loading times like Jason at a teenage slumber party. The Core 2 Extreme delivers the unmatched highly threaded performance that your multimedia apps have been craving. No more stalling, no more juggling apps, no more waiting, period.

A New Era in Graphics Technology
The Area 51 ALX with NVIDIA 3 Way SLI technology is the fastest gaming solution available with up to three NVIDIA� GeForce� 8800 GTX or GeForce 8800 Ultra-based graphics cards. 3 Way SLI also provides you with 2.3 GB of dedicated video memory, 384 stream processors, and 110+ Gigatexel per second texture fill rate � the fastest in the industry. Click here to see the benefits of NVIDiA 3-Way SLI.

3 terabytes of storage
More than ever before
Cram all your digital pictures, movies, games, and music, into the massive hard drives on the Area-51 and still have room to spare. With up to 4 terabytes of storage you�ll never have to worry about storage space.

DDR2 memory
Life in the fast lane
Alienwares Area-51 ALX is equipped with the latest DDR2 memory that lets you do more quickly. Blaze through those annoying loading screens and get more of what you want, now.

Blu-ray Disc Technology
The Blu-ray Disc format offers the highest capacity of any consumer media format to date, also greatly surpassing the capacity of other media formats. Blu-ray Disc gives you the maximum storage capability of 50GB on one dual layer disc, almost 10x the standard storage capabilities of a DVD. Blu-ray Disc's huge capacity allows not only for the highest quality High Definition video to be displayed, but allows you back up your large media libraries on one disc.

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